Consumers demand safe food and water. The food industry wants to offer reliable products. And regulatory authorities want to ensure their citizens’ safety. However, we need better technology to achieve this.

Sentinel can offer new options. Sentinel is a global leader in the development of bioactive paper technology. Its researchers have invented several platform technologies and innovations that are rapid, simple, and inexpensive. In several projects, they have yielded positive results and prototypes.

We invite companies to collaborate with us to move the products, platforms and processes from the laboratory to where they can benefit industry and consumers.

Commercialization Kits

  • Antimicrobial Polymers
  • Bioactive Packaging

Fact Sheets on Commercializable Technologies

  • Bacteriophages for Water Pathogens
  • Pullulan for Water Quality

Spin-off Companies

SyntArray is a pre-commercial supplier of innovative, small-volume chemical support systems for arrays. Its paper-based systems are resistant to a broad range of solvents and are pre-functionalized for peptide synthesis of multiple products.

InnovoGENE is a new biotechnology company that produces high-quality DNA aptamers and DNAzymes to suit its clients’ needs. The company also develops and co-develops novel biosensors and kits for detecting pathogens and carcinogens in food, water, the environment and biological samples.