Board of Directors

Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network’s Board of Directors has representation and considers perspectives from a broad range of stakeholders. Its members are drawn from the pulp and paper industry, chemical and ink suppliers, biotechnology enterprises, senior university administrators, government, Canada’s National Research Council, non-participating organizations and a representative of Sentinel’s researchers, with a majority of the Board from the industrial sector.

The Board provides oversight of all of the Network’s activities and is responsible for the management, direction and financial accountability of the Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network in conformance with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s Conflict of Interest Policy. The Board meets semi-annually.

Board of Directors
Name Title
Bradley H. Fox Director, Business Development, Technology Transfer Networks, Ontario Centres of Excellence
Kevin Hall Vice President – Research and Professor, School of Engineering, University of Guelph
David McDonald Consultant
Robert Pelton Scientific Director, Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network McMaster University
Elsie Quaite-Randall Executive Director, McMaster Industry Liaison Office
Marie-Esther Saint Victor Leader, Green Sciences & Technologies, Strategic & Collaborative Sciences, SC Johnson and Son Inc
Daniel Schabacker Team Leader, Biodetection Technologies, University of Chicago, Institute-Genomics & Systems Biology
Gord Surgeoner President Ontario Agri-Food Technologies Inc.
Huining Xiao Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of New Brunswick
Xuejun Zou Pulp and Paper Program Manager, Product Performance, FPInnovations
George Rosenberg Managing Director, SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network
Wendy Ryan Research Partnerships, Programs Directorate NSERC
Roger Gaudreault Corporate Director – Cascades Canada ULC
Stephane Rousseau Vice President – Cascades Canada, Tissue Division
Martin Schoeppler President & CEO – FujiFiilm Dimatix
Simo Siitonen Research Engineer – Stora Enso Oyj