Consumers demand safe food and water. The food industry wants to offer reliable products. And regulatory authorities want to ensure their citizens’ safety. However, we need better technology to achieve this.

SENTINEL can offer new options. SENTINEL is a global leader in the development of bioactive paper technology. Its researchers have invented several platform technologies and innovations that are rapid, simple and inexpensive. In several projects, they have yielded positive results and prototypes.

We invite companies to collaborate with us to move the products, platforms and processes from the laboratory to where they can benefit industry and consumers.”


The cornerstone of the SENTINEL vision is bioactive paper that will detect, capture and deactivate water and airborne pathogens.

Our Vision of Bioactive Paper

Current events including SARS, water quality problems, incidents of tainted beef and international terrorism underscore our vulnerability to biological hazards. For the last century, paper-based sterile packaging, food wrap, face masks and protective clothing have played an important role in protecting us from pathogens. These applications exploit paper qualities, which include low cost, disposability, sterility and well-defined porosity. Nevertheless, in most protective applications, paper functions simply as a passive barrier or filter.