The cornerstone of the Bio Active Paper is to detect, capture and deactivate water and airborne pathogens.

Our Vision of Bio Active Paper

For the last century, paper-based sterile packaging, food wrap, face masks and protective clothing have played an important role in protecting us from pathogens.

These applications exploit paper qualities, which include low cost, disposability, sterility and well-defined porosity. Nevertheless, in most protective applications, paper functions simply as a passive barrier or filter.

Expected Outcomes

• Inexpensive, high-speed methods for applying pathogen-sensing biopolymers onto fibres and paper;

• Nano-scale control of biosensor orientation in or on paper, maximizing the efficiency of expensive reagents;

• New approaches to stabilizing fragile biosensor molecules when applied to paper;

• Defining optimized paper structure and surface chemistries for pathogen-sensing, capture or barrier applications;

• Novel biocides for bioactive paper; and

• New pathogen sensors based on combinations of antibodies, enzymes, aptamers or phages