7 Things Your Disaster Recovery Plan Must Include

Disasters can never be predicted be it natural or to a company. It is very important to have a full-proof disaster management strategy in order to reduce the impact of the disaster. In the business world it is very important to have full-proof disaster management strategies in order to restore the operations of the company. With the help of managed IT services company, you can easily protect your company from disasters.

If you check out the points mentioned below, you will get an idea about how you can effectively manage disasters in your company.

Emergency Contacts

In case a disaster occurs, a lot of people need to be informed about the disaster. You need to prepare an emergency contact list which would contain the names, e-mails and numbers of all the important people. You can also mention the contact details of the external resources in the list and take the help of managed IT services company.

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DR Plan Scope 

If you want to figure out the scope of your DRP then you need to get hold of a strong business analysis. You need to focus on network infrastructure, servers, end-user computers, IT documentation, Database systems, software systems, data storage and telephony. The managed IT services company will help you in case of a disaster.

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Disaster Recovery Team

You need to have a disaster recovery team so that they can take care of the management. The roles of the various team members of the disaster management team needs to be defined so that everyone is aware about their own task. The disaster management team members should be motivated, dedicated and well-informed about handling all kinds of disasters. A managed IT services company helps you in case of a disaster has struck your company.

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Recovery Lead

The recovery lead would be the team or the person who would be heading the recovery process. The position of the recovery lead is of prime importance because the other teams work on the decisions made by the recover lead. The recovery lead needs to work in an unbiased manner so that he can make the right decisions.

Network Team

The network team caters to the damage which has been do ne to the network and they are also responsible for reinstating the network. In case of companies who obtain network from third party sources, the team would get in touch with their network provider in order to ensure the repairs. As soon as the connectivity is restored the network team provides connection to the executive staff, DR team, IT and other employees. When the network has been established, the team would look into the cost which is spent for restoring the network.

Server Team

The IT cannot stop its operations during a disaster and hence the server team provides the physical server to ensure the continuation of the work.  They ensure the functioning of the server and help the IT teams. It is the task of the server team to figure out the cause of a server malfunction. The identification of the problem needs to be done with minimum effect on the business.

As soon as the organization has recovered from the disaster, they need to prepare a detailed report of the incident.  With the help of a managed IT services company, you can make sure that you are able to recover from any disasters faced by your company.

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