What is Bio Active Paper?

Envision paper towels that immediately signal contamination on kitchen counters, strips of paper that remove pathogens from water while confirming the water is safe to drink, and medical masks that actively remove viruses.

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E.coli contamination has been a continuous problem in food and water safety. The problem is perpetual and researchers are constantly looking for ways to make diagnosis and testing easier for the food manufacturing industry and for the agencies in charge of public health and safety. A […]
The picture shows litmus test results using apple juice, milk and lake water as real-life samples, along with clean water as a negative control (NC). Photos are taken when litmus test just begins (0 min) and proceeds for 15, 30, and 60 minutes. NC sample does […]
An international  team of researchers have figured out a way to adapt the good old litmus test so it can detect bacteria such as E. coli.The team, which is connected through the Bio Active Paper, set out to make testing water, juice, milk and other fluids […]

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